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Gasoline Electro Diesel Engineering Exploration Drilling Rig

hydraulic core drilling rig.png
HS-150T_Engineering  Drilling Rig.png

The engineering drilling rig is a new type of shallow hole drilling rig suitable for engineering geological exploration and core drilling. It has the characteristics of large power, high speed and high torque. Suitable for engineering geological survey of municipal housing construction, railways, water utilities, bridges and other transportation; shallow solid mineral geological core drilling; small wells drilling and construction of foundation grouting hole.It can be used to not only the drilling of carbide bit for engineering geological exploration and hydrological shallow-layer fluid and natural gas exploration, but also the drilling of small-diameter diamond bit for the exploration of metal, nonmetal and solid mineral deposits. It has been widely applied to the drilling operation of energy survey, highway/railway construction, hydropower engineering, civil engineering, etc.

New type Geological Engineering Drilling Rig is a new generation of portable multi-purpose engineering survey and construction rig, which aims at optimizing the design of most of the same type drilling rigs in the domestic market. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, etc. The engineering geological exploration of hydropower and other departments, as well as the construction of small diameter pile holes, have the following characteristics:

1, the speed range is wide, the gear is reasonable.

2, low speed, large torque, can be used for drilling machine sampling and pile hole construction.

3, equipped with front-and-back moving cylinder, so the whole rig can move freely 300 mm, which brings a lot of convenience to the drill.

4, hydraulic feeding, easy to operate, high drilling efficiency and low labor intensity.

5. The chuck of drilling machine adopts hydraulic roller type, easy operation, reliable clamping and no damage to active drill pipe.

6, compact structure, small size, light weight.

7. Adopt 9 spring reinforced large torque clutch, reliable clutch, larger torque transfer, strong impact resistance and long life.8, increase input shaft spline specifications, torsion resistance significantly improved, longer life.

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