HS30L Drilling Rig Crawler Chassis

11A Drilling Rig Crawler Chassis.png

SH30-L walking chassis with tower rubber crawler

Advantages of SH30-L walking chassis with tower rubber track:
1. Wide use range, simple structure, stable transmission, labor-saving operation, easy to realize automatic control;
2. Suitable for complex road conditions such as swamps, river beaches, deserts, paddy fields, tropical rain forests, snow, etc .;
3. Large traction, good climbing performance, strong transportation capacity, wide bearing adaptability;
4. Small turning radius and flexible maneuverability, especially suitable for narrow and complex terrain;

5. It is fast and convenient to move the machine, the labor intensity of the workers is low, and the labor cost is saved every day.

Dimensions (L × W × H)


Drilling tower effective height



First 3 down 1 fast / slow

Ground clearance


Track center distance


Climbing angle

≤25 degrees


350mmx90mmx54 knots

Platform outrigger cylinder

Outer diameter / rod diameter x stroke: Ø95 / 50mmx500mm