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HSB-1 26mm and 36mm Backpack Drill Rig

HSB-1 backpack core drilling rig is a core drilling rig that can drill up to 20 meters. The portable design allows the rig to fit in tighter spaces than traditional larger drill rigs but still has plenty of power to get the job done. This rig is perfect for drilling in remote locations.

Applications of HS-1 backpack core drilling rig

  • mineral prospecting

  • geotechnical engineering

  • geo scientific research

  • tunnel lining

  • inflected arch detection

  • highway engineering geological exploration

  • hydraulic engineering geological exploratory

  • oil exploration

  • lode prospect

Features of HS-1 backpack core drilling rig

  • portable : a complete set of HS-1 can be packed into a backpack that can be carried by one adult

  • efficiency and effective: HS-1 can work in almost any type of soil conditions

  • easy to disassemble

  • simple to operate

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