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HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig

HS-150T_Engineering  Drilling Rig.png

HS-150T is a portable 2-wheels trailer mounted spindle rotary drilling rig for geotechnical survey, it can do core sampling drilling up to 150m in size 3", it has large torque to 1800N.m, various drilling speeds which fit different drilling condition. The drilling rig can work with multiple drilling tools of different standards, such as NQ, HQ, NMLC, HMLC, T2, T6, T6S etc.The rig has percussion capability, can use bailer for soil and sands sampling. Also can perform SPT testing.By using the hydraulic ram, the rig can use U100 and shelby tubes for undisturbed sampling.The 2 wheels trailer is quite convenient to mobilize the rig by towing the rig with a pick up or other vehicle. For places hard to access, such as deep forest, the rig can be dismantled to smaller parts to be carried by man power, and can be reassembled easily later on the drilling site.

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