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HS-1A Drilling Rig Crawler Chassis

Drilling Rig Crawler Chassis

HS-1 / 1A rubber crawler chassis

Advantages of HS-1 / 1A rubber crawler chassis:
1. Wide range of use, simple structure, stable transmission, labor-saving operation, easy to realize automatic control.
2. Suitable for complex road conditions such as swamps, river beaches, deserts, paddy fields, tropical rain forests, snow, etc.
3. Large traction, good climbing performance, strong transportation capacity, and wide bearing adaptability.
4. Small turning radius and flexible maneuverability, especially suitable for narrow and complex terrain.
5. Can be matched with HS150B, HS150T, HS-30-2A, HS200-1A and other models.

6. HS-1A drilling tower is hydraulically jacked up, it is convenient to close the tower and move the machine, and the efficiency is high.


Dimensions (L × W × H)


Drilling tower effective height



First 3 down 1 fast / slow

Ground clearance


Track center distance


Climbing angle

≤25 degrees


350mmx90mmx54 knots

Platform outrigger cylinder

Rod diameter x stroke: Ø50mmx500mm


HS-1 rubber crawler walking chassis without drilling tower

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