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HSB-2 26mm and 36mm Backpack Drill Rig

HS-2 backpack exploration core drilling rig is a revolutionary portable geological core drilling rig that is made in China. If you want to buy a backpack drilling rig with big horse power, please identify "HANS" backpack drill. This portable rig is specifically for mineral investigation, oil exploration, geological research and exploration. We have ten years experience of producing core drilling rig. Shandong Master Machinery Group believes that the backpack drilling rig will give you great satisfactions and get your work done perfectly.

Applications of HS-2 backpack core drilling rig

  • mineral prospecting

  • geotechnical engineering

  • geo scientific research

  • tunnel lining

  • inflected arch detection

  • highway engineering geological exploration

  • hydraulic engineering geological exploratory

  • oil exploration

  • lode prospect

Features of HS-2 backpack core drilling rig

  • compact & portable

  • simple to operate

  • easy to assemble and disassemble

  • convenient to movem

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