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HS-150B Pump Rig Integrated Drilling Rig

The HS-150B pump rig integrated drilling

The HS-150B pump rig integrated drilling rig is a portable and multi-purpose engineering survey drilling rig, which is suitable for engineering geological exploration in industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, hydropower and other departments, as well as the construction of small diameter foundation pile holes.
Rig features:
     1: Wide speed range, reasonable gear.
     2: Low speed and high torque, can be adapted to the sampling of the drilling rig and the construction of the pile hole.
     3: High-speed, small-diameter diamond drill bit, can be adapted to the construction of drilling rig pile inspection.
     4: Adopt combined friction cone and astral wheel type elevator, with advanced structure and good impact.
     5: Oil pressure feeding, easy operation and high drilling efficiency.
     6: The turntable adopts T-slot angle changing device, which has a wide angle changing range, so it can drill holes with various inclination angles.
     7: Compact structure, the rig water pump and diesel engine are installed on the same base, occupying a small airport area.
     8: Small size, light weight, easy disassembly and relocation.
     9: The turbine box is equipped with a fan to ensure heat dissipation.

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