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HS-2001A Engineering Drilling Rig

HS-2001A Engineering Drilling Rig.jpg
HS-2001A Engineering Drilling Rigs.png

HS-2001A engineering drilling rig is a portable multi-purpose engineering survey and construction drilling rig, which is suitable for engineering geological exploration in industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, hydropower and other departments, as well as the construction of small-caliber foundation pile holes. :

1. Wide speed range and reasonable grade.

2. Low rotation speed and large torque, which can be used for drilling rig sampling and pile hole construction.

3. Equipped with front and rear moving oil cylinders, it brings a lot of convenience to the drilling tool.

4. Oil pressure feeding, easy operation, high drilling efficiency and low labor intensity.

5. Compact structure, small size and light weight.

6. It can be used in conjunction with ZL-1A rubber crawler walking chassis. It is convenient and fast to move and collect the tower; it can also be used in the four-corner tower, which is inconvenient to move.

GY-200-1A engineering drill is adopted with hydraulic pressure feeding structure, it can proceed attacking and gyrating drilling, and is used for engineering geological exploration in road、railway、bridge foundation、dam site、well、prospecting or industrial and civil architecture. It can also used in anchor rod engineering.

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