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HSM-50 Engineering Hydraulic Anchor Drill Rig Machine

HSM-50 Engineering Hydraulic Anchor Dril
HSM-50 Engineering Hydraulic Anchor Dril

Hydraulic anchor drill rig machine mainly used for soil and rock anchoring, consolidating and strengthening foundation of highway and dam and retaining wall, preventing soil and rock from collapsing, supporting in deep foundation pit, pin timbering in underground engineering and handling the foundation of skyscraper.

Anchor Rotary Jet Engineering Drilling Rig is a mechanical power head test, hydraulic feed type engineering drilling rig, this machine has the characteristics of long range, large drilling capacity, easy operation and relocation, novel structure and so on. It is an ideal and practical model for anchor reinforcement engineering and other engineering geological drilling.
The drilling rig is mainly used for drilling engineering such as soil, rock bolts, roadbed, dam foundation, retaining wall reinforcement and blast holes.
main feature:
1. The drilling rig is a mechanical power head drilling rig with a caliber of 110-130mm, a drilling depth of 50-60m, and a hole of 0-9 ° upward between vertical and horizontal levels;
2. A 2m long drill pipe can be used. In order to meet the needs of special users with narrow construction space, there are also short mast and ultra-short mast models with shorter travel distances;
3. The rotary or impact rotary drilling method is adopted, and the drilling machine has high efficiency;
4. Simple structure, novelty, light weight, easy operation, convenient transportation and movement.

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