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Engineering  Drilling Rig

HS-150T is een draagbare op een aanhanger gemonteerde roterende boorinstallatie met 2 wielen voor geotechnisch onderzoek, het kan kernbemonstering boren tot 150m in maat 3 ``, het heeft een groot koppel tot 1800N.m, verschillende boorsnelheden die passen bij verschillende boorcondities De boorinstallatie kan werken met meerdere boorgereedschappen van verschillende normen, zoals NQ, HQ, NMLC, HMLC, T2, T6, T6S enz. De installatie heeft percussievermogen, kan een bailer gebruiken voor grond- en zandbemonstering. Kan ook SPT uitvoeren Door de hydraulische ram te gebruiken, kan de rig U100 en shelby-buizen gebruiken voor ongestoorde bemonstering. De trailer met 2 wielen is best handig om de rig te mobiliseren door de rig te slepen met een pick-up of ander voertuig. Voor moeilijk toegankelijke plaatsen, zoals als diep bos kan de boorinstallatie in kleinere delen worden gedemonteerd om door mankracht te worden vervoerd, en later op de boorlocatie gemakkelijk weer in elkaar worden gezet.

  1. Geotechnical Investigations: The HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is commonly used for geotechnical drilling to assess soil and rock properties. It helps engineers and geologists understand subsurface conditions, soil composition, and stability, which is essential for construction and foundation design.

  2. Environmental Site Assessment: Environmental professionals use this rig for soil and groundwater sampling during  environmental site assessments and remediation projects. It aids in determining the extent of contamination and monitoring environmental conditions.

  3. Water Well Drilling: The Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is suitable for drilling water wells, providing a reliable source of clean and potable water for various purposes, including communities, agriculture, and industries.

  4. Mineral Exploration: In the mining industry, the HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig can be used for shallow to moderate-depth mineral exploration and prospecting. It helps identify and assess mineral deposits and geological formations.

  5. Core Sampling: The Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is equipped for core sampling, allowing researchers and scientists to collect geological core samples for laboratory analysis. This is crucial for studying Earth's crust, climate history, and subsurface characteristics.

  6. Construction and Foundation Work: Construction companies use the rig for tasks such as foundation drilling, pile installation, and site investigation. It ensures the stability and safety of construction projects.

  7. Civil Engineering Projects: The HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is valuable for civil engineering projects that require drilling for infrastructure development, including bridges, tunnels, and dams.

  8. Scientific Research: Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is suitable for scientific research initiatives related to geology, seismology, and ground exploration. The rig can be used in seismic studies and the monitoring of geological phenomena.

  9. Educational and Training: Educational institutions and training centers often use this rig to provide hands-on training to students and professionals in the fields of geology, drilling, and engineering.

  10. Soil Testing: Soil testing laboratories may employ this rig to collect undisturbed soil samples for laboratory analysis and soil classification.

The HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig's versatility, substantial drilling depth, and range of applications make it a versatile tool for professionals and researchers involved in various industries, from construction and mining to environmental science and geotechnical engineering. It offers the power and adaptability needed for demanding drilling tasks.


The HS-150T Diesel Gasoline Engineering Drilling Rig is a robust and powerful drilling machine designed for a wide range of engineering and exploration applications. Below are the specifications and potential applications of the HS-150T:

  1. Key Specifications:

  2. Engine Type: Diesel or Gasoline

  3. Drilling Depth: Up to 150 meters

  4. Drill Pipe Diameter: 42mm

  5. Supporting Power: 5.7kW (single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine) or equivalent gasoline engine

  6. Drilling Diameter: 73-146mm

  7. Rig Height: Approximately 4.5 meters

  8. Weight: Varies depending on configuration and engine type

  9. Active Drill Pipe: 3 meters (length)

  10. Drilling Machine Size: Dimensions vary based on configuration

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Q: What is a drilling rig in geology?

A drilling rig is an integrated system that drills wells, such as oil or water wells, or holes for piling and other construction purposes, into the earth's subsurface.

Q: What is exploration drilling?

The drilling of boreholes from the surface or from underground workings, to seek and locate coal or mineral deposits and to establish geological structure.

Q: Which type of drilling is used for exploration purpose?

Depending on the purpose and budget of the project, there are several types of drilling methods available, but reverse circulation and diamond are by far the most common for mineral exploration.

Q: What are the two types of drilling rigs?

Therefore, based on these, there are two different types of offshore drilling rigs, Bottom-Supported Units and Floating Units, figure (4). This refers to the rigs that are on contact with the seafloor when they are placed in position.

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