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HS-2T Verticale rugzakkernboorinstallatie

HS-2T Vertical Backpack Core Drilling Rig is een verwijderbare boorinstallatie voor kernmonsters. De installatie wordt voornamelijk gebruikt in minerale exploratie, geochemische exploratie, ondiepe bemonstering, geowetenschappelijk onderzoek, geotechniek, technisch onderzoek, olieveldexploratie, waterconservancy engineering-onderzoek, snelweg engineering-onderzoek enzovoort. De belangrijkste kenmerken van hs-2L verticale rugzakkern booreiland zijn compacte structuur, afneembaar, klein volume, licht van gewicht, gemakkelijk mee te nemen; geïmporteerde benzinemotor van het merk Kohler met groot vermogen en gegarandeerde boordiepte met boorframe. Gebruik in het veld is handiger en veiliger.


The HS-2T Vertical Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig is a portable and versatile drilling system designed for geological and environmental exploration. It offers several key features and applications:


  1. Geological Exploration: The HS-2T Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig is commonly used for geological surveys and exploration projects. It can drill into various types of geological formations, including rocks, soils, and sediments, to collect core samples for analysis.

  2. Mineral Prospecting: Geologists and mining professionals use this rig to prospect for valuable minerals and ores. It allows for the collection of mineral samples from different depths in the Earth's subsurface.

  3. Environmental Site Assessment: The rig is suitable for conducting environmental site assessments. It helps in collecting soil and groundwater samples to assess contamination levels and environmental impact.

  4. Construction and Engineering: The HS-2T Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig can be used in construction and engineering projects to gather soil and rock samples for site characterization, foundation design, and soil stability analysis.

  5. Research and Education: It is also used in research

  1. institutions and educational settings for training students and conducting scientific experiments related to earth sciences.


  1. Drilling Depth: The HS-2T Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig offers a substantial drilling depth capacity, allowing operators to reach greater depths for sample collection.

  2. Core Sample Quality: It is designed to provide high-quality core samples with minimal disturbance, ensuring accurate representation of geological formations.

  3. Drilling Speed: The rig offers efficient drilling speeds, increasing productivity and reducing the time required for sample collection.

  4. Versatility: It can adapt to various geological conditions, making it suitable for different types of drilling projects.

  5. Portability: The backpack design makes it highly portable and easy to transport to remote or challenging terrains.

  6. Ease of Operation: User-friendly controls and quick assembly make it easy to operate in the field.

  7. Safety: The rig incorporates safety features to protect operators during drilling operations.

  8. Sample Handling: It includes mechanisms for efficient sample handling, such as core barrel retrieval systems and storage solutions.

  9. Durability and Reliability: The HS-2T Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig is built to withstand harsh field conditions and provide reliable performance.

  10. Environmental Impact: It is designed to minimize soil and groundwater disturbance during drilling, reducing its environmental impact.

The HS-2T Vertical Backpack Exploration Core Drill Rig is a valuable tool for professionals and researchers involved in geological and environmental exploration. Its performance and versatility make it suitable for a wide range of applications in the earth sciences and related fields.

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Q: How much water does a drill rig take during the operation?

Water use per well can be anywhere from about 1.5 million gallons to about 16 million gallons.

Q: Which type of drilling is used for exploration purpose?

Depending on the purpose and budget of the project, there are several types of drilling methods available, but reverse circulation and diamond are by far the most common for mineral exploration.

Q: What is the purpose of a drill rig?

A drilling rig is a machine that makes holes in the earth's surface. The drilling rigs can be very big structures that hold equipment that is used to make water wells, natural gas extraction wells, or oil wells.

Q: The seven steps of oil and natural gas extraction

STEP 1: Preparing the Rig Site. ... STEP 2: Drilling. ... STEP 3: Cementing and Testing. ... STEP 4: Well Completion. ... STEP 5: Fracking. ... STEP 6: Production and Fracking Fluid Recycling. ... STEP 7: Well Abandonment and Land Restoration.

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