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Gasoline Sampling Drilling Rig
Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig

2C-bemonsteringsboorinstallatie voor benzinemotoren Korte introductie
2C-bemonsteringsboorinstallatie voor benzinemotoren wordt gebruikt voor geologische industriële en civiele gebouwen, bruggen, spoorweg-, snelweg-, waterkrachtindustrieonderzoek, geofysische verkenning, geavanceerd boren en groutgatboren.
2C-bemonsteringsboorinstallatie voor benzinemotoren heeft de volgende kenmerken: compacte structuur, klein volume, lichtgewicht, twee versnellingen, gemakkelijk te verplaatsen.

  • Geological Surveys: The 2C Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig is utilized for geological surveys and subsurface investigations, enabling the collection of valuable geological data and samples.

  • Mineral Exploration: It plays a crucial role in mineral exploration projects by drilling core samples to assess mineral deposits and geology.

  • Soil Sampling: This rig is suitable for soil sampling applications, including environmental assessments, agricultural research, and geotechnical studies.

  • Core Drilling: It is equipped to conduct core drilling operations, which involve extracting cylindrical rock or soil samples for analysis and research.

  • Geotechnical Investigations: Geotechnical engineers use this rig to assess soil properties, stability, and composition for construction and engineering projects.

  • Environmental Assessments: The rig is employed in environmental assessments to investigate soil and groundwater conditions, aiding in contamination assessments and remediation efforts.

  • Scientific Research: It is valuable for scientific research projects that require subsurface sampling and data collection.

  • Exploration and Exploration Drilling: Professionals in exploration industries utilize this rig to gather critical information during exploration activities.

The 2C Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig's gasoline-powered design, portability, and adaptability make it an essential tool for professionals in geological, environmental, exploration, and scientific fields. Whether used for mineral exploration, soil sampling, geotechnical investigations, or environmental assessments, this rig offers efficient drilling capabilities to obtain valuable subsurface information for various applications.


The "2C Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig" is a specialized drilling equipment designed for a variety of geological and exploration purposes. Here are the key features and applications of the 2C Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig:

  1. Gasoline Engine: The drilling rig is powered by a gasoline engine, providing a reliable and portable source of energy for drilling operations.

  2. Compact and Portable: With a compact and lightweight design, the drilling rig is easily transportable and suitable for use in remote or challenging terrains.

  3. Versatile Drilling: The drilling rig is equipped for various drilling methods and can handle tasks such as soil sampling, core drilling, and geotechnical investigations.

  4. Two-Speed Options: It offers two-speed options, allowing operators to adapt to different drilling conditions and soil types.

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Q: What are the activities of core drilling?

Mining starts with geological exploration and ends with the delivery of raw materials. At the geological exploration stage, miners explore for new deposits, and use drilling to define the potential of existing mine sites.

Q: What is the best geophysical method for mineral exploration?

Seismic surveys are an extremely useful geophysical method for studying the ground conditions to a significant depth and over a large area. Seismic is utilised in many applications for subsurface investigations, mineral exploration being one of them.

Q: How important is coring in geology?

Coring provides the only means of obtaining high quality samples for the direct measurement of rock and reservoir properties. Cores provide both geological and engineering information, and their analysis ultimately leads to a profitable field development. Many coring systems exist.

Q: What are the six major geophysical exploration methods?

These methods are: 1. Gravity method. 2. Seismic method. 3. Electromagnetic method. 4. Geothermal method. 5. Magnetic method. 6. Electrical method. 7. Radiometric method.

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