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Horizontal Exploration Sampling Rig
Horizontal Exploration Sampling Rig

HS-2B bemonsteringsboorinstallatie voor benzinemotoren wordt geproduceerd door HANS. Het is geschikt voor geologische industriële en civiele gebouwen, bruggen, spoorweg-, snelweg-, waterkrachtindustrieonderzoek, geofysische verkenning, geavanceerd boren en groutgatboren, ingebedde gatgeleiding, gebroken gaten, gaten en kleine huishoudelijke putten.
HS-2B bemonsteringsboorinstallatie voor benzinemotoren heeft de volgende kenmerken: compacte structuur, klein volume, lichtgewicht, twee versnellingen, gemakkelijk te verplaatsen.

  • Geological Surveys: Used for collecting geological samples and conducting subsurface investigations in geological exploration projects.

  • Construction Projects: Suitable for various construction activities in civil engineering, including foundation assessments, site investigations, and drilling for infrastructure development.

  • Transportation Projects: Applied in bridge and railway construction to assess soil and rock conditions and conduct geotechnical investigations.

  • Highway Construction: Used for soil and rock sampling to assess the suitability of the ground for road construction.

  • Hydro-power Industry: Involved in surveys related to hydropower projects, including dam construction and reservoir assessments.

  • Geophysical Exploration: Utilized in geophysical surveys to investigate subsurface conditions and identify potential resources.

  • Drilling and Grouting: Capable of drilling holes for grouting purposes, which is essential in construction and foundation stabilization.

  • Embedded Hole Guiding: Used in projects requiring precision drilling and guiding for embedded components or structures.

  • Well Inspections: Suitable for inspecting and assessing small household wells, ensuring water quality and well integrity.

The HS-2B Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling rig's compact and lightweight design, along with its versatility, makes it a valuable tool for professionals across multiple industries. Whether for geological exploration, construction, or geotechnical investigations, this rig offers flexibility and ease of operation, making it a practical choice for fieldwork in various environments and applications.


The "HS-2B Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling rig" manufactured by HANS is a versatile drilling rig designed for various applications in geological, industrial, civil engineering, and exploration fields. The key features and applications of the HS-2B Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling Rig:

  1. Compact Design: The drilling rig is designed with a compact structure, making it easy to transport and maneuver in various terrains and job sites.

  2. Lightweight: Its lightweight construction further enhances portability and ease of use, allowing it to be moved and deployed quickly.

  3. Two Gears: The drilling rig is equipped with two-speed options, providing flexibility in drilling operations to accommodate different drilling requirements.

  4. Versatile Applications: It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including geological surveys, industrial and civil construction, bridge and railway projects, highway construction, hydro-power industry surveys, geophysical exploration, advanced drilling, grouting hole drilling, embedded hole guiding, broken hole drilling, and small household well inspections.

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Q: What are 4 exploration methods?

Surface exploration methods includes: geological, geochemical, geobotanical, photogeology & remote sensing.

Q: What are the methods of drilling for exploration?

There are two main methods of exploratory drilling. Core drilling, yields a solid cylinder shaped sample of the ground at an exact depth. Percussion drilling, or Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling yields a crushed sample, comprising cuttings from a fairly well determined depth in the hole.

Q: What are the stages of mineral exploration?

8 Steps of Mineral Exploration * Locate PotentialDeposits. One of the first steps of mineral exploration is to locate areas that are likely to yield mineral deposits. ... * Claim Staking and Permitting. ... * Surface Exploration. ... * Early-Stage Exploration. ... * Core Drilling. ... * Resource Modeling. ... * De-Risking. ... * Production Decision.

Q: What is the difference between logging and coring?

Logging is a term that refers to the string of instruments that is lowered down into and out the bottom of the drill pipe after drilling a hole. The instruments measure characteristics of the hole wall such as density. Coring is a process where the drill bit cuts a 4 inch cylinder out of the rock.

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